We need you! There are multiple volunteer opportunities available that will help our meeting continue to thrive. Just click the Sign Up button and let us know how you can help.

Coffee Service

Help us by volunteering for coffee service. Coffee set up takes place at 5:40 pm. You will tend the station before the meeting as people fellowship and clean up after the meeting.

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Clean Up

Help us by volunteering to clean up after our meeting. This important position helps to insure that we don't lose our meeting space and involves trash pick up.

Chair Set Up & Take Down

Help us by volunteering to set up or take down chairs. Chair set up takes place at 4:15pm and take down at 6:00pm. You may volunteer for one or both positions at a time.


Help us by volunteering to greet & direct people as they come in. Greeting begins at 5:40 pm and runs til the meeting begins at 6:00pm. Requirements include a friendly smile and a firm handshake. :-)

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